Africam Safari Park in Puebla – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect


Africam Safari Park is a unique wildlife attraction just 17 kilometers (11 miles) from Puebla, Mexico. 

Visitors can drive their cars or take a bus tour through the park to see the animals in their natural habitats.

The park has over 450 species of animals, divided into the African and American zones.

It also has a petting zoo where visitors can interact with animals such as goats, sheep, and llamas.

This article covers everything you must know before buying tickets for Africam Safari Park.

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What to expect at Puebla Africam Safari Park

From zebras, tigers, rhinoceros, antelopes, and lions, to giraffes, you’ll encounter many animals on your journey.

The animals roam freely here, while you drive around in your vehicle or join a bus tour as on an African safari.

Indulge in safari sightseeing with knowledgeable tour guides who will spot the animals and point them out to you.

Reserve your afternoon for the bird show and enjoy the stunts of avian creatures. 

Stroll through the botanical garden, which gives friendly and serene vibes. 

Step into the adventure zone and meet anteaters, bats, meerkats, and kangaroos.

Stop at Kilimanjaro restaurant for a break and have delicious snacks and drinks. 

Get souvenirs for your loved ones from the onsite gift shop. 

Puebla Africam Safari Park admission ticketsMX$644 (US$38)
5-Hour Africam Safari Private Tour ticketsMX$4499 (US$265)
Africam Safari Park Skip-the-Line Tour ticketsMX$522 (US$31)

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Where to buy Puebla Africam Safari Park tickets

Tickets to the Africam Safari Park are available online and at the ticket booth at the zoo.

We strongly suggest you purchase online tickets to save money and time.

Online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than tickets at the venue.

When you buy online, you can avoid the long queues at the attraction’s ticket counters.

Because some attractions sell a limited number of tickets, during peak days they may sell out. Booking early helps avoid last-minute disappointments.

How online tickets work

Go to the Africam Safari Park ticket booking page, select the number of tickets and the date you wish to visit, and book your tickets right away.

You can go for a Spanish or an English guide.

Once you purchase Africam Safari Park tickets, they get delivered to your email address. 

There is no need to get printouts of the ticket. 

You can show the e-ticket on your smartphone when you visit the attraction.

Remember to bring your official IDs.

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Puebla Africam Safari Park ticket prices

The Africam Safari Park tickets are priced at MX$644 (US$38) for all adults aged 12 years and above.

Children aged three to 11 years get a discount and pay MX$630 (US$37) for entry.

Tickets are free for infants up to three years old. 

The Puebla Africam Safari Private Tour tickets cost MX$4499 (US$265) for an adult over 12 years and MX$2248 (US$132) for kids between three and 11 years.

If you want both a safari and a walking tour of Puebla Africam Safari Park, pay MX$522 (US$31) for an adult ticket over 12 years and MX$485 (US$28) for kids between three to 11 years. 

Toddlers below two years can enjoy everything for free.

Puebla Africam Safari Park admission tickets

Buy this Africam Safari Park ticket and explore this fantastic zoo housing a wide range of animals. 

You’ll get round-trip transportation from the meeting point (mentioned on your ticket) to Africam Safari Park. 

This allows you to gaze at the animals from the comfort of your seats and capture the zoo’s species in cameras. 

While buying tickets, you can opt for your preferred language (English and Spanish) for the tour.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (12+ years): MX$644 (US$38)
Child Ticket (4 to 11 years): MX$630 (US$37)
Infant Ticket (up to 3 years): Free

5-Hour Africam Safari Private Tour tickets

5-Hour Africam Safari Private Tour

With the Puebla Africam Safari Private Tour ticket you and your family (or group) can enjoy an intimate and customized tour of the safari park.

Guests will be picked up from their hotel and transported in air-conditioned vehicles to the park. 

At an additional cost, sail in boats and explore attractions in the Mocambo area. 

Once at the park, get into your safari cars for a personal experience and move past different animal exhibits in the Africam Safari Zoo. 

Remember to attend the Bird Show, which your admission ticket includes.

Be ready to be surprised by a present from the park.

At the end of the safari, you’ll be dropped off at your hotel.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (12+ years): MX$4499 (US$265)
Child Ticket (4 to 11 years): MX$2248 (US$132)
Infant Ticket (up to 4 years): Free

Africam Safari Park Skip-the-Line Tour tickets

Africam Safari Park Skip-the-Line Tour

Get your Puebla Africam Safari Park tickets and go on a wild journey with your friends and family.

This ticket offers transportation facility, i.e., hotel pick and drop off from Puebla City Center. 

The tour consists of two parts: a safari via bus and a tour on foot. 

Hop on air-conditioned buses and feast your eyes on the park’s flora and fauna.

Once your safari comes to a halt, get off your buses and get closer to the park animals. 

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (12+ years): MX$522 (US$31)
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): MX$485 (US$28)
Infant Ticket (up to 2 years): Free

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How to reach Africam Safari Park in Puebla

Africam Safari Park is nearly 11 miles (17 km) from the city of Puebla, Mexico.

Address: Carretera al Oasis 17302 int. 22 Colonia Africam C.P. 72960 Puebla, Pue. México. Get Directions.

You can arrive at the Africam Safari Park via bus or car. 

African Safari Estacionamiento (Bus No. M1) is the nearest bus stop to the park, only a 6-minute walk. 

Traveling by car can be a bad option as you wouldn’t find any parking lots in the park’s vicinity. Hence, book online tickets. 

When you purchase online tickets for the park, you will get the pick-up and drop-off facility from your hotel or the meeting point mentioned on your ticket.  

Opening hours of Africam Safari Park

The Africam Safari Park Puebla runs from 10 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

Most safaris offer pick up and drop off facilities from a designated meeting point. So be at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the bus arrives to pick you up.

How long does the Africam Safari Park take

Visitors usually spend 3 to 4 hours exploring Africam Safari Park. 

If you plan to take a private safari, it will last about 5 hours, including both safari and walk-through exhibits. 

In case you stop by the Gift Shop and Kilimanjaro restaurant, expect your visit to extend by 1 to 2 hours. 

Best time to visit Puebla Africam Safari Park

The best time to visit Africam Safari Park in Puebla is as soon as they open at 10 am.

There are four benefits of starting early – the animals are most active early in the morning, the temperatures are still moderate, the crowd is yet to get in, and you have the whole day to spend at the attraction.

Weekdays are better for a peaceful visit because the park gets crowded on weekends and school holidays.

The safari park is most crowded on weekends between 10 am and 2 pm.

If you are on a short holiday in Puebla, starting early also allows you to add another attraction to the day’s itinerary.

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Safari zones in Puebla Africam Safari Park 

At Africam Safari Park in Puebla, Mexico, you can see animals from around the world.

From Nepal’s Chitwan district, Botswana’s Okavango, and Tanzania’s Serengeti to South Africa’s Kalahari Desert, you can explore the flora and fauna of these places within a day.

Delta de Okavango

Catch sights of creatures from savannah grasslands, Malagasy gallery forests, African steppes, and the Andean region.

This includes giraffes, lemurs, Asian elephants, African elephants, ostriches, ilamas, etc.

Desierto de Kalahari

The Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa is home to animals from Central Africa, the Caribbean, and India.

You can see white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, Grant’s zebras, blue wildebeests, flamingos, Sarus cranes, and many more!


This zone resembles the oasis in American rainforests and is an abode of military and scarlet macaws.


Serengeti is spread across the Mara and Arusha Regions of Tanzania. 

In this safari zone, you’d see the king of the African jungle–African Lions living alone.  


This section recreates the Bakul forests of India, Vietnam, and Bhutan, where you catch the sights of chital, Nubian ibex, fallow deer, scimitar oryx, etc. 


This park area brings the Chitwan district of Nepal right before your eyes. 

Bengal tigers, gaurs, chital, wild Asian water buffalo, and blackbuck are all found here. 


Huasteca celebrates the life of La Huasteca, where beautiful Mexican animals like the American black bear, Canada goose, and collared peccary reside. 


This territory of safari park brings animals like American bison and elk from Yellowstone National Park of America a step closer to you. 

Zona de Descanso (Rest Zone)

The Rest Zone offers facilities like toilets, restaurants, gift shops, etc.

You can also see 4 exhibits here – hippopotamus, chimpanzees, spectacled bears, and striped hyenas. 

Adventure zone in Puebla Africam Safari Park

The Zona de Aventuras, or Adventure Zone, is that part of the Africam Safari Park where guests can take a look at different exhibits and enjoy a leisurely walk in the Botanical Garden.


This exhibit houses some of the most beautiful butterflies, a treat for your eyes.

Jardín Botánico Louise Wardle de Camacho

This botanical garden presents you with a wide range of Mexican plant species like cactus, agaves, etc. 

Tarántulas y Otros “Bichos 

Also known as Tarantulas and Other “Bugs,” this exhibit or herpetarium and insectarium is home to some of the world’s creepiest species, like reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods.

Caverna de Murciélagos 

Peer into the darkness at this bat cavern and see Egyptian fruit bats. 


Hop with kangaroos and red-necked wallabies at this exhibit and watch emus feeding on shoots.

Other animals

At Africam Safari Park’s Adventure Zone, spot some more species like red pandas, African porcupines, gray Mexican wolves, savannah monitor, and black swans, to name a few.  

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Reviews for Puebla Africam Safari Park

Africam Safari Park is a highly-rated tourist attraction. 

Check out three Africam Safari Park reviews we selected from Tripadvisor, which give you an idea of what to expect at this attraction

An exclusive experience

This place was absolutely beautiful! Seeing the animals in their own habitat is, unfortunately, not something you always experience. After we went in with our car, we found the safari cars so we went back out again to get it! It was very much worth it! It’s called an open-air exclusive experience, with a guide. – Nardinemettry, TripAdvisor

Best time with animals

One of the best places to spend time with animals in the world. Never expected that it will be something I can stay near and watch all the animals. best experience from Puebla. Lovely place. – Karthi, TripAdvisor

Go for it!

It was AMAZING! Well organized, installations are very well cared for, and the exclusive experiences are AWESOME! A big shout out to Frida, an amazing guide, she was superb, has an amazing attitude and her connection with the animals is beautiful. Don’t think twice, go for it! – Kary G, TripAdvisor

Things to remember while visiting Puebla Africam Safari Park

Here are some things to remember as you go on the safari.

  • Keep your bus or car windows closed during the safari.
  • Do not talk loudly or tease or scream at animals.
  • When you spot an animal, don’t get overexcited and shout loudly (the animal might get scared). Instead, just point your fingers toward the animal so others too can see.
  • Don’t litter inside the park. You never know if animals may end up eating them which can be extremely dangerous. 
  • Carry a cap, binoculars, water, sunscreen, insect repellent cream, scarf, and sunglasses.
  • Wear clothes that camouflage with the surroundings instead of bright colors or blacks and whites that might attract animals.

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